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Freeline Studio is a furniture design and build company, led by Robert Nestman. Our passion is to create unique, modern furnishings and functional spaces, such as in-home offices and libraries. We produce a line of furnishings for selected retailers, but our focus is mainly on custom work for our clients.


We devise functional modern furniture with an added touch of courageous lines. Combined with the years of experience and craftsmanship, Freeline Studio creates pieces that are reflective of our clients and their lifestyle.


We focus on using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, including wood from the Harrop Proctor Community Forest here in the Kootenay’s. We also use solid wood laminates, metals, and glass to enhance the beauty and functionality of our designs.

To make use of even the smallest pieces of wood we developed our own unique parquetry board. It is used to accent some of our designs and for items such as shelving, cutting and serving boards.


We use non toxic glues and hand-finish all our products with environmentally friendly natural oil sealers and resins, which enhance the natural beauty of wood. These finishes impregnate the wood unlike traditional products that create a surface film. Most importantly, they are a healthy choice for you and the environment.